MBA Nirvana – Our Story

Irshad September 17, 2021 0 Comments

There are more than 2000 MBA colleges in the country and more than 2 lakh students who enroll in these programs every year. There is sufficient information about the top 100 colleges in the country that caters to 10% of MBA aspirants, but the rest 90% make decisions based on insufficient information. MBA Nirvana aspires to solve this problem by using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence where we map the candidate’s requirements with our recommendation engine consisting of thousands of data points on various colleges. We hope that this will help the students to make the right decision while choosing a college to pursue their MBA dream.

MBA Nirvana works closely with leading colleges to ensure that our students get the best programmes at the most affordable fees. As we send multiple candidates to the same college, we are able to negotiate for scholarships for deserving students who apply through us. We are also have a single click application user interface where a student could apply to multiple colleges at once without having to bear extra application chargers. Our partnering colleges believe in transparency and student welfare. Our vision is to make the MBA admissions hassle free for students as well as colleges. MBA Nirvana was founded by IIT-IIM alumni with decades of experience in the data analytics, algorithmic trading and investments background.

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